Located on our 3rd level, our treatment cabin enjoys beautiful sea views. Whether you have an injury or just need to de-stress and unwind, our experienced therapists will create you the perfect treatment.

Appointments available 7 days a week to residents, Tues - Sat to non-residents. Email: info@thecabin-ventnor.co.uk





The Cabin Massage - 60 mins / £70.00 or 40 mins / £50.00 

A bespoke massage at your desired pressure with optional

hot basalt stones. Choose from Grapeseed or Coconut oil with

additional essential oils personally blended by your therapist. 

The Cabin Signature Treatment - 60 mins / £70.00  

The ultimate in relaxation and our most popular treatment. 

Reflexology, followed by a neck, shoulder and soothing scalp

massage. Completes with a 30 minute back massage with hot

basalt stones and application of hydrating lotion.

Reflexology - 60 mins / £70.00 or 40 mins / £50.00

A deeply relaxing treatment which applies pressure to points

of the feet to bring about wellbeing or treat specific conditions. 


Spa Rituals

Sea and Sky Ritual - 90 mins / £99.00

We will first focus our attention on your feet with a relaxing Reflexology treatment, we then work to release tension in your neck and shoulders, followed by a gentle scalp massage with fig and vanilla conditioner. Finally turn over and enjoy a deeply soothing hot stone massage to your legs and back, using gently warmed basalt stones. The perfect combination to de-stress and unwind.

The Great Wave - 90 mins / £99.00

A Japanese inspired spa ritual which begins with bathing of the feet, cleanse and massage. Follows with an Illuminate back treatment and then relax and enjoy an Illuminate facial using traditional Japanese rice bran to leave skin radiant, balanced and silky smooth.

Perfect Horizon - 120 mins / £130.00

Lie back and gaze out over the blue horizon while you indulge in an hours full body massage followed by a VOYA Ocean Fresh Facial, using the finest organic seaweed and tailored by your therapist to your skins needs. A ritual to leave you totally relaxed and skin rejuvenated.


All our hour facials include a face, scalp, neck, shoulder

and reflexology foot massage. All VOYA products are certified


VOYA Ocean Fresh Facial Experience - 60 mins / £75.00 

Our most popular facial, where your therapist will choose the

best VOYA products for your skin type and needs. Includes a

double cleanse, spiny bamboo exfoliator and mask to reveal

radiant skin. 

VOYA Anti-Aging Restorative Facial - 60 mins / £80.00

Ideal for mature, dry or dehydrated skin types. After a deep

cleanse, tone and scrub we apply fresh leaves of Atlantic

seaweed placed directly onto the face.

Japanese Illuminate Facial - 60 mins / £70.00

Inspired by the Japanese Geisha who used rice water to

promote and soften their skin. We use rice bran oil combined

with 5 alpine plants, neroli and vanilla to revitalise tired skin,

leaving it luminous, plump and wonderfully silky to touch. 



Scrubs and Wraps 

VOYA Warm Spiced Mud Wrap - 60 mins / £70.00 (Choose a back or body treatment)

Experience our new organic VOYA warm spiced mud wrap, with mineral rich peat and seaweed to firm and improve skin tone combined with essential oils of warming ginger and sweet orange. A serious detoxifier and metabolism simulator.

Beach Body Scrub - 60 mins / £70.00 (Choose a back or body treatment)

We have a wonderful selection of scrubs to stimluate, nourish and reveal healthy skin. Body treatments include a light shower and follow with a short massage and application of hydrating lotion. 

Coffee, Cardoman and Caco Scrub

This scrub smells divine and designed to stimluate the system, helping to reduce fluid, tighten skin and packed full of antioxidants. Uses sea salt and coffee bean to give a powerful exfoliation. 

Japanese Illuminate Scrub

Using traditional Japanese rice, white flower and vanilla this gentle scrub will leave skin feeling super soft and radiant.


Mandarin and Neroli Scrub

A gentle soothing scrub to perfect for dryer or sensitive skin, suitable for use in pregnancy. 

VOYA Seaweed Scrub

A beautiful cream scrub using walnut shells combined with seaweed, ginger and sweet orange to detox and soften skin.

Men's Treatments

You can of course have any treatment, however we have designed the below specifically for men. 

In the Drink (Back treatment) / 60 mins £70.00

Ideal for congested or tired skin. Enjoy a Whisky and Honey back scrub followed by a mud mask with ginger and orange

 to really detox and clean the skin.  After removal with hot mitts we finish with a 20 min back massage and lotion.  

Recharge Facial and Back Massage / 60 mins £75.00

A VOYA facial targeted at cleaning and brightening your skin. A cleanse, tone and exfoliation will reveal clean skin

before applying a collagen mask and potent facial serum to target signs of ageing. Completes with a

30 min back massage with warm basalt stones.

Deep Muscle Massage / 60 mins £70.00

A firm massage to the back of the body which will help relieve aching muscles in your legs, arms and back. Using coconut and lemongrass oil we use heat to allow us to get deep into the muscle. 


Add on Treatments 

Express VOYA Facial - 30 mins / £40.00  Includes cleanse, tone, mask, facial serum and scalp massage.

Scalp Massage - 15 mins / £25.00  A soothing scalp and pressure point massage with optional conditioner.

Foot Ritual - 30 mins / £40.00   A soothing mandarin and neroli treatment for tired feet.

Back Massage - 30 mins / £40.00  Your therapist will tailor a massage at your desired pressure.

Marine Eye Mask / £10.00  A pure marine collagen eye mask to plump and reduce fine lines.

To book call 01983 629179 or email info@thecabin-ventnor.co.uk. Appointments available Tuesday - Saturday

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