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The Cabin Massage - 60 mins / £70.00 or 40 mins / £50.00 

Following a detailed consultation we will provide a bespoke massage tailored to your exact requirements at your desired pressure. Choose from Grapeseed or Coconut oil with additional essential oils personally blended for you by your therapist. Our massages can be tailored to help you:

Relax and de-stress.

Feel re-energised.

Get relief from muscle pain, either from injury, sports, poor posture or repetitive strain.

Detox and remove toxins or excess fluid.

Hot Stone Massage - This deeply relaxing massage treatment uses heated Basalt Volcanic Stones. The stones are combined with the therapists massage to create a slow, deeply relaxing massage which will ease tired muscles and tension.

After your treatment
Try and relax after your treatment and enjoy the rest of your day with no major physical exertion. You will probably feel deeply relaxed after your session so if driving please stay alert and drive with the window open.

  • All massage promotes detoxification so we advise you to drink plenty of water, diluted juices or herbal teas in the 24 hours after.
  • Do not consume alcohol or caffeine directly after your treatment and if possible not for 24 hours after.
  • Try and eat light meals for 24 hours so not to overload your digestive system

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