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Hot Stone Therapy is a deeply relaxing massage treatment which uses handcrafted Basalt Volcanic Stones. The stones, which vary in size, are used to perform the massage and also placed on key areas of the body during the treatment. The stones are gently warmed before use and hold their heat to bring a comforting warmth to your massage.

This is a slow, therapeutic massage which is excellent for helping to ease any muscular tension or pain and also helps to relieve stress.

Your treatment will use the finest organic Sweet Almond or Grape seed oil to promote skin health, combined with your choice of aromatherapy oil tailored to suit your needs.

We can either offer a treatment focused entirely on the back, neck and shoulders as this is where a lot of us hold our tension. Or we can offer a full body massage which includes feet, legs, arms, neck, shoulders and back.

After your treatment
Try and relax after your treatment and enjoy the rest of your day with no major physical exertion. You will probably feel deeply relaxed after your session so if driving please stay alert and drive with the window open.

  • Massage promotes detoxification so we advise you to drink plenty of water, diluted juices or herbal teas in the 24 hours after.
  • Do not consume alcohol or caffeine directly after your treatment and if possible not for 24 hours after.
  • Try and eat light meals for 24 hours so not to overload your digestive system

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