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Dry eye help - increase your Omega 3,6,&9

This is a topic close to my heart as have suffered with a very bad dry eye condition since I injured my eye over 2 years ago (my cat decided to generously poke his claw in my eye). The main problem I have suffered is at night when my eyes dry out so much I can't open my eyelids as they become stuck to my eye. This is a condition which effects many people, especially older women, and as I know can be incredibly painful.

There are a huge range of eye lubricants on the market, I would recommend trying to get ones without preservative. I have found Celluvisc, Viscotears and Lacri-lube to be the most effective.

The main advice is to prevent your body from becoming dehydrated - which unfortunately means limiting your alcohol intake! You should try and drink plenty of water evenly spaced through the day and avoid any heavy exercising.

I have read that following an anti-inflammatory diet can also help together with removing refined sugar. So will embark to try and cut out the sugar for a few weeks and see how I get on.

What I am finding is actually working is taking an increased dose of Omega 3, 6 and 9 Flaxseed oil, so 2 x 500mg capsules twice a day with food. I have been taking this dose for 2 weeks now and it is definitely starting to make a difference. If you suffer from dry eyes yourself then is maybe worth trying this.


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