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Tips for runners

It's that time of year where we get a lot of clients in who are training for forthcoming marathons. Unfortunately injuries are common in a lot of runners so in the colder months it is always important to warm up. There is some debate about stretching but our recommendation is always to do it, focus on dynamic stretches that will prepare your body for the run. We wouldn't do deep tissue work from a cold muscle so common sense says warm up your muscles!

Here is a great video link we found with a simple dynamic pre-run routine. You can do a couple of mins cardio warm up before you start these.

Once you have finished your run, applying cold to your legs will help reduce inflammation and the dreaded DOMS (delayed onset of muscles soreness), you know that feeling you get a few days after when you know you have overdone it! Massage is also great to remove lactic acid and relax the muscles.

Here is one more link about the mechanics of running, if you aren't adopting the correct posture it becomes more of an issue the more miles you do. That's when problems can occur so check your gait and posture, and of course your running shoes.


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